“Unlock Convenience. Reserve Your Spot!”

We are the front door of your establishment and guarantee your clients and guests are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Let us help you focus on your clients, guests and portfolio. Let Valet Connect be your parking department and manage your parking operation!

Residential & Condominiums

“It feels good to be at home”
A place where they are recognized and feel safe. 

Your residents are valued returning guests. We are dedicated to providing the best experience to say goodbye and welcome them home, day or night.

Our mission is to provide a safe, successful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Corporate Events

We take our role seriously. We are often the first and last thing your customers see as they arrive and leave your business or event.

We take care of your special events and parties and not just parking, our event solutions go beyond parking to surround your guests with attentive service that allows them to truly be in the moment.

At Valet Connect, we put the customer first. We’ll tailor your valet service to suit the needs of your event and deliver VIP attention.


Our valet services allow guests to concentrate on the rest of their visit by removing the time and stress associated with parking.

Valet Connect parking services help hotels to manage their parking resources more effectively and to make the best possible use of their parking spaces.

If you are looking for added convenience, security and luxury, our parking service is the perfect choice.

“Experience hassle-free parking with our secure and convenient online payment option. Pay for your valet parking service now with just a click!”


Hospital valet parking alleviates the potentially stressful, sometimes painful task of hospital parking. Valet parking provides a safe and convenient way for patients to get to appointments on time and avoid the pain of walking if they are ill or disabled.

The hospital specialise in providing the best medical care, not valet parking. A valet service staffed with well-trained, friendly attendants ensures a great, patient-centred experience. We work with you to develop a customized arrival experience that best reflects your brand and aligns with the needs at your hospital.


You can’t make a first impression Twice.
Valet parking is a great way to make a restaurant dining experience more convenient for customers. Not only does it provide a comfortable parking experience, but it also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the restaurant.

We focus on welcoming customers in a professional manner, from fine dining to casual dining. We want your customers to worry less about where to park and more about what they want to eat.

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